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    About Us

    Thorn Construction was established in April 2006 by the owner and founder, Andre Slabbert with a small turnover of +- R50 000 per month and only one Project at any given time.

     Business Growth

    The business has grown into a medium to large sized construction company doing turnovers in excess of R100 million a year managing various projects simultaneously in different fields.

     Family Owned Entity

    Growing our business to what it is today was made possible through the commitment and the motivation of a professional team, the company is now a fully family owned entity.

    Residential Projects

    We have also been involved in various different residential projects, from the smallest alterations to the more top of the range projects, finishing off on the higher end in excess of R40 million.

     Commercial Projects

    We have completed our 1st commercial warehousing and chemical plant filling stations in the industrial sector during 2016.

    The key to our success is the fact that our mangers take ownership of the project and they bring an element of their personality into the work place.

    The combination of these skills and experiences and with a clear knowledge of the processes ensures that the projects are realised quickly and efficiently, whilst still remaining within the given time and budget frame.

    Our financials are led by one of our senior admin and financial managers, this individual has an excess of 20 years experience in the construction admin and finance sector. She is a major role player in this business and also the key link between us and our bankers. Our admin division plays a very important role when dealing with our suppliers, and a sound financial relationship is very important when it comes to demanding a product or service from these suppliers.

    Board Members

    Our highly experienced team consists of project managers, site managers that have in excess of 50 years experience within the construction industry, these individuals have obtained this by being involved in various different construction projects.

    Andre Slabbert

    Managing Director, Founder

    Ivan Slabbert

    Senior Contract Manager

    Arno Slabbert

    Senior Contract Manager

    Richard Bond

    Junior Contract Manager

    Eric Gumede

    Site Supervisor

    Sam Kenya

    Site Supervisor

    David Ntshembeni

    Site Supervisor

    Themba Mduli

    Site Supervisor

    Magda Slabbert

    Senior Finance & Admin Manager

    Sharon Moonsamy

    Office Administrator

    Flodaine Sugadwe

    Admin Clerk

    Accounting Firm

    North Coast Accountants

    We’re Driven
    By Passion

    A core value is only a true core value if it has an active influence and if the people or company manage to live by it most of the time.








    Our Mission

    Our mission is to complete “high end finished” yet “affordable” and “top quality” residential and commercial projects and to deliver this within an “acceptable time frame” to our client.

    Our Vision

    To set new benchmarks in the construction and project management industry in Africa, with the highest standards in safety, quality, efficiency and sustainability in every facet of the business.

    Our Philosophy

    Thorns philosophy is to create a positive construction environment between contractor, client and the professional team through sharing our years of experience and our positive attitude with the project team.

    Our philosophy within the work place is to employ a work force conducive to our needs, but also to develop this work force in order to create a long term working relationships with these individuals. Most of our permanent employees have been in the company for an excess of ten years. We also offer our employees a market related remuneration and therefore create a positive environment and the opportunity to grow in to their respective positions in order for them to improve themselves and their lifestyle.

    Our philosophy is to respect and recognize the fact that each of our clients are different and subsequently will have a different view on what they expect of the final product.

    Our Approach

    We approach all projects with the introduction of a construction plan, this includes the planning with the individuals that will be on site, from project manager to the safety representative.

    Our planning phase includes a deep and detailed understanding of the architectural and engineers designs, this is important to ensure that we seamlessly translate the designs into reality. This process is also supported by the interior design teams as well as the architect.

    Our extensive dealings with our suppliers and our relentless demand for high standards have insured that we have a long standing relationship with the best manufacturers and suppliers in the North Coast regions.